Mark's Martin is going back on tour. We're making music, meeting new friends, and supporting research to fight Multiple Sclerosis along the way. 



The Story of a Man and his Guitar

Martin the guitar came into Mark's life in 1990, 2 years after he was diagnosed with MS. The magic that followed has inspired a project that celebrates community, music and a cure.   

Martin Around Town

Photos of the melodic journey (continually updated with photos from the Martin Project's recording sessions).


About MS Research

Music and community are the driving force behind this project - the mission is funding research for MS. Learn more about the fantastic work of the National MS Society, and how we're contributing. 



"I know I don't have the best guitar in the world (I love it, but there are other great guitars out there, too). All these artists have great guitars.

But it's a good one, it's a fine old Martin."